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Podiatry Campaign: Just 6 days left to make your voice heard!!

Monday 13 Dec 2010

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People all over Ireland have been campaigning with Diabetes Action since September for better health services and resources to reduce the numbers of foot ulcers and lower limb amputations among the diabetes community.  Nearly 5,000 e-mails have been sent from our web site,, asking TDs and Senators to contact the HSE about services for people with diabetes.   


Ireland has the lowest manpower in podiatry services in Europe. In fact there are no podiatry services in many parts of the country. The HSE has recommended that between 90 and 100 podiatrists be employed to work with people with diabetes (that’s 2 podiatrists for every 100,000 people). Diabetes Action is calling for the phasemployment of just 20 podiatrists to work with people who have diabetes.

Did you know that in Irish hospitals between 2005-2009:

  • The estimated inpatient cost of treating preventable diabetic foot disease in Ireland was a €239 million?
  • HSE WEST spent €60 million.
  • HSE South spent €75 million.
  • HSE Dublin North East spent €50 million.
  • HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster spent €54 million.

It would only cost €1.56 million each year to employ 20 podiatrists to provide a national foot screening programme.

International research has shown that adequate podiatry service can reduce the inpatient cost of diabetic foot disease by between 50%-70% after 5 years.

This phase of our advocacy campaign will end on December 16th – when Dáil Éireann rises for the Christmas season.  If you want a better service of yourself,  a member of your family or a friend with diabetes please take 2 minutes to log on today to to send an e-mail to your TD asking the HSE to put in place a foot screening programme and podiatrist positions in the HSE. 


If you have already logged in already then thank you; perhaps you know someone with diabetes who dies not have a computer – why not help them to log in? 


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